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Finding Your Way Through the Consulting Maze

Understanding the complexities of different consultancies’ grading structures is a complex task. Luckily, we’re well placed to analyse each firm’s titles, comparing that both to the years of experience expected at each grade and also building a view on the responsibilities of each title. That has formed the basis of the above graphic, where we can compare how titles vary across different businesses. We also have details on salaries across the UK consulting spectrum, with brackets varying dependent on the business and grade (email hello@tarkatalent.co.uk to discuss these further).


Why is this important?

Primarily, this is important because it’s difficult to understand how each company grades their Consultants, and it’s therefore tricky for Consultants to ensure they’re progressing their careers and being paid in line with the market.

This is an important tool that we use with clients to help them benchmark against competitors and to educate clients on developments in the consulting market, particularly regarding salaries. We also use this tool to guide clients through their recruitment journey, helping set expectations about the level of candidate they’re likely to be able to attract (and pay!).

Equally, from a candidate/applicant’s perspective, this is a useful tool to understand that a move can offer greater responsibility and a higher salary without necessarily providing a title change. We are often told by candidates that they’re looking to make the step up to the next level in a career move (potentially having been overlooked in a promotion round in their current firm). This tool helps us demonstrate that a title change isn’t always necessary to get the increased responsibility. A good example of this could be a PwC Manager moving to Capgemini Invent, where they may well be offered a Senior Consultant title but get a salary increase and their responsibilities would increase.


We are experts in the consulting space and have detailed knowledge of the UK’s consulting market. Hopefully this graphic is a useful tool for anyone considering a consulting move. We’re always happy to speak with anyone thinking about moving to help them navigate this maze! Contact us on hello@tarkatalent.co.uk for more info



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