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Fran Regis


I am a Consultant at Tarka Talent, where I focus on growing our Executive Search function and Women in Consulting Community.

Before recruiting consultants, I built entire teams for the Public Sector’s Decarbonisation Scheme, Digital Health solutions, and mission-backed technology firms. My approach to building relationships is considerate and sustainable, ensuring individuals feel heard and supported along the way. 

I have a wealth of experience in supporting internal recruiters via agreed structured questions. My level of care is supported by copious note-taking (something the Tarka team are warranted in gently mocking when met by a new thesis).

Before recruitment, I spent eleven years as a Casting Director, facilitating memorable meetings and serendipitous conversations is the golden thread of my career. It’s a pleasure to transfer this experience and create networking opportunities for our Women in Consulting Community and Executive Leaders.

Outside of work, you will find me procrastinating organising my wedding by spending time outside of the house; pub quizzes, walks and podcasting.