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Episode #4: BJSS Consulting

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Richard Longstreet, Founder of Tarka Talent, talks to Jila Bahri-Esfahani from BJSS Consulting about their growth, women and diversity in consulting and why they are ‘nicely nerdy’!



00:00:00 – 00:01:16: Introduction

00:01:17 – 00:05:26: Guest introduction and introduction to BJSS

00:05:27 – 00:11:42: Collaboration and knowledge sharing

00:11:43 – 00:16:51: Growing the business consulting arm of BJSS

00:16:52 – 00:21:58: Growing your career as a woman in consulting

00:21:59 – 00:25:07: How to break into consulting with BJSS

00:25:08 – 00:27:57: Retaining women in consulting through to leadership level roles

00:27:58 – 00:36:35: What does BJSS’ company culture look like?

00:36:36 – 00:38:50: The recruitment process at BJSS

00:38:51 – 00:39:50: Why should someone join BJSS?

00:39:51 – 00:44:15: Final thoughts


After listening:

A big thank you to Jila for your insights. It was brilliant to have you on the show! Find out more about our Jila and BJSS below:

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