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Episode #2: LanciaConsult

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In this episode, we talk with Jonny McCormick, from LanciaConsult, and one of their first hires into their Belfast office. Jonny discusses growing that office, what makes them different, and also their ‘Gateway’ initiative.



0:00:00 –  0:00:50: Introduction

0:00:51 – 0:04:55: Jonny’s consulting career journey

0:04:56 – 0:07:02: Overview and history of LanciaConsult

0:07:03 – 0:13:45: Client engagement and consulting practices

0:13:46 – 0:19:00: Moving from the Big 4 to a scaling consultancy

0:19:01 – 0:25:32: Launching and growing an office in Belfast

0:25:33 – 0:27:43: The differences between a Big 4 firm and a boutique consultancy

0:27:44 – 0:32:13: Being a Graduate Consultant at LanciaConsult

0:32:14 – 0:34:16: Consulting apprenticeships at LanciaConsult

0:34:17 – 0:39:57: Social mobility in the consulting industry and The Gateway Project

0:39:58 – 0:43:43: Company culture at LanciaConsult

0:43:44 – 0:51:00: What does the recruitment process at LanciaConsult look like?

0:51:01 – 0:52:00: Why work for LanciaConsult?

00:52:01 – 00:58:54: Final thoughts


After listening:

A big thank you to Jonny for your time and insights – it was a delight to host you on our second episode of Tarka Talks. Find out more about Jonny, LanciaConsult and The Gateway Project below:

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