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Episode #6: Project One talk experience

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Richard talks with James O’Sullivan and Sarah-Jane Campbell about the value of hiring highly experienced staff and the importance of fostering long-term relationships.



00:01:09 – 00:07:16: Guest introductions and overview of Project One

00:07:17 – 00:12:06: Project One’s proposition in the market

00:12:07 – 00:21:55: James O’Sullivan’s career and transition into consulting

00:21:56 – 00:23:51: Attracting management consultants to Project One

00:23:52 – 00:29:47: Nurturing customer relationships

00:29:48 – 00:35:05: Company culture at Project One

00:35:06 – 00:44:36: What do Project One look for in their hires?

00:44:37 – 00:51:15: Final thoughts

After listening:

A big thank you to James and Sarah-Jane for your insights. It was brilliant to have you both on the show! Find out more about our speakers and Project One below:

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